How it all works...

About Us

BLUESUN DESIGN strives to design beautiful and interesting websites. There are too many ugly and boring websites out there that don’t work properly, don’t let yours be one of them! The aim is to provide good quality, affordable Web design and Graphic design to all. Make sure your website stands out from the myriad of others out there, get in touch to find out more. All projects undertaken are done so with total commitment and enthusiasm for the job and everything is priced according to your need.


By discussing your requirements and getting a clear idea of what type and style of website is most suitable for your business, BlueSun Design will work closely with you to achieve a design that is tailored to meet those needs. Before any work is undertaken you will have a complete understanding of what is involved.

Initial Design

Once you’re happy to go ahead, BlueSun Design will create a logo (if required) and an initial website design. This will be the first visual of your website, which will give us a base to work from. Your opinion counts and don’t forget this is your website to showcase your business, so we want to get it right.


Having approved the initial design, the rest of your website will be created with the content you have provided. Your feedback is key, as BlueSun Design is happy to make as many revisions as necessary (within reason) to achieve a perfect result. Once your website is complete it will then go live, with your approval.

BlueSun Design